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Akyazi School Office Supplies Llc. was established in 1968 as a manufacturing company of stationery products and educational materials for domestic market in Turkey and we have been servicing in stationery sector for 47 years. We make special manufacturing for demanded size and specifications by our own, import the raw materials and export finished products through Gross markets, wholesalers, distributors and importers to the retailers and consumers. We use high quality enamel steel and laminate for our writing boards and magnetic board Respecting our customers demand we produce educational materials for schools, universities and offices such as writing board, display products, cork board, drawing table, natural and fabric covered cork boards, dusters, magnets and push pins for our production accessories as well. Akyazi School Office Supplies Llc. is giving best service to our valuable customers, based on our main principles such as quality, well service on time, confidence and best price for black-green-white writing boards, notice boards and many other wide variation of our production. Akyazi School Office Supplies Llc. is the leading company in education material and office supplies production in Turkey and we all owe these to our base principle hundred percent customer satisfaction.
Nema Basim has been a reliable solution partner that always gains its customers with its 20-year graphic and printing experience integrated with current technologies and developments. To produce within legal framework, in accordance with relevant national and international standards; To meet customer demands and needs above expectations within the frame of customer satisfaction principle; To perform team work with cooperation and work efficiently without compromising our principles of honesty, respect, innovation, courageous acting, quality, accuracy, timely and professional service; To continuously improve the overall performance of Nema Basim; To raise the exchange of information to the top by establishing mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers; To increase efficiency and effectiveness of the system through process approach; To leave a clean and livable environment for future generations; As a result of all these principles, our objective is to bring our company to a leading position with its quality, competitiveness and profitability by continuously improving our prestige and reputation for our employees to be proud of working in our company.